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Through 1994-96, Mojo magazine commissioned Chris Ingham to write a light-hearted, bi-monthly musicology column identifying common patterns, techniques and tendencies in popular music. It was called Dr Rock Dissects The Hits and ran to around a dozen columns.


The first column discussed the oft-used mechanism of the major chord with descending bassline and coined the term DESH (Diatonic Elaboration of Static Harmony), an adaptation/pastiche of jazz theorist Jerry Coker's CESH  (Contrapuntal Elaboration Of Static Harmony - melodic movement implying shifting harmony over unmoving chords, e.g., the opening phrase of the bridge of Charlie Parker's 'Confirmation').


The column led to a radio appearance on BBC Radio 1's rock magazine show Soundbite (clip below). The segment also  featured on Radio 4's Pick Of The Week.


Renowned cyberpunk author and Mojo reader William Gibson utilised the DESH idea in his 1996 novel Idoru which inspired the tiniest of web discussions.

DESH broadcast

Jan 1995

Soundbite BBC Radio 1

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