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Flanagan Ingham Quartet

Andrew Brown
Kevin Flanagan
Russell Morgan
Chris Ingham

Seriously good, no-concessions jazz with cool, often witty vocals…one of Britain’s most original bands


It’s not often that a group excels in the finer points of jazz and song interpretation…the freshest thing in British jazz all year


First convening at the long-lost Blue Note Jazz Restaurant in Bury St Edmunds in 1991, the FIQ purveyed their unique and winning blend of bebop and song at clubs and festivals throughout the UK during the 1990s and released two critically acclaimed albums, Zanzibar (Gray Brothers 1995) and Textile Lunch (33 Jazz 1999), both produced by Portishead's Adrian Utley.


Currently on extended sabbatical from the band, the quartet members continue to play music while pursuing disparate occupations; Dr. Kevin Flanagan (saxophones) is a composer, leader of Riprap and former senior lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University, Chris Ingham (vocal/piano) leads his own quartet and is a music producer and author, Rev. Andrew Brown (bass) is minister at the Unitarian Church, Cambridge and Russell Morgan (drums) is a freelance drummer in the North East and sole UK representative of Diril Cymbals.


Twenty years since they formed and ten years since they last spoke, the FIQ were delighted to return to the Bury St Edmunds festival in 2011 for a sell-out reunion at the Hunter Club in Bury St Edmunds, to blow through their greatest hits and settle old scores. They were last seen at the Hunter Club in March 2015.

FIQ on YouTube

1. Don't Look At Me Like That (Flanagan/Ingham)
2. Po-Town (Flanagan)
3. Walk Between Raindrops (Fagen)
4. Born To Be Blue (Torme/Wells)
5. Pent-Up House (Rollins/Ingham)
6. Waiting For Dusko (Flanagan)
7. It's Your Dance (Carisi)
8. Glorybound (Flanagan)
9. A Sleepin' Bee (Arlen/Capote)
10. Zanzibar (Frishberg)


Produced by Adrian Utley


1995 Gray Brother Records


1. Devil May Care (Dorough)
2. You Would Rather Have The Blues (Frishberg)
3. Disappointed (Ingham)
4. Maxine (Fagen)
5. New Man Blues (Flanagan/Ingham)

Textile Lunch On Moody St

    6. Moody Street (Flanagan)

    7. One Fast Move (Flanagan)

    8. That Was The Year (Flanagan)

    9. St Theresa (Flanagan)

10. Lew's Gone (Flanagan/Ingham)
11. Warm Valley (Ellington)
12. Calypso's Seaward Project (Brown/Ingham)


Produced by Adrian Utley


1999 33 Jazz


Live at the Hermit Club, Brentwood, 1997

Live on TV 1996

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